[A dinner at la Colombe d’Or]


When I was offered a dinner at La Colombe d’Or I could help but accept. I mean, who would have preferred to stay at home with a bowl of pasta when you can visit one of the most beautiful restaurants of the French Riviera.
La Colombe d’Or is an auberge created in 1932 by a lovely couple that made it famous for both the art and the food.
And indeed, the place is gorgeous: from the beautiful white and blue themed terrace to the house – filled with thousands of stunning pieces of art.


But the greatest surprise was certainly what you could find behind the door at the back: the swimming pool, a hidden treasure somewhere between relaxation and luxury. There, I fell in love with the coloured tiles.


The food was unpretentious yet excellent. It was certainly no Ferran Adria or Hervé This but the simplicity made it spectacular.
What you could call cuisine provençale et familiale in French.


I had a lovely starter called Hors d’oeuvre – an assortment of dozens of ramequins: haricots, marinated red peppers, garlic beetroots, herring, couscous, Puy lentil salad, sardines… My favourites being: the delicious boudin noir [black pudding], the saffron rice and the tian de légumes.


The main course menu is well furnished – from lamb racks to quenelles de saumon. Simple and scrumptious!
A great selection of lovely dessert will please everyone; my little guilty pleasure being crème caramel. Yum, so good!


La Colombe d’Or is a great place to visit either to discover a haut-lieu of the post-world-war French art or simply to enjoy a glass of good wine, delicious provençal food and the beauty of the house and have an innoubliable [unforgettable] time.