This summer, it seems that I cook more than I can reasonably eat and write about.
But this matter fact has shown me something: food and cooking hold a major place in my life.

I can’t spend a day without:
1) cooking
2) thinking of interesting food / combination / recipe
3) buying things related to food (read: cookbooks, plates, placemats…)

However something quite strange is happening. I am literally bored of cookbooks. It seems I can’t find one that really stands out.
For example, I love the design of Apples for Jam, but do I really need another recipe for beef pasta? I know I’ll end buying this book because Tessa Kiros is such a great writer and inspiration, but what a strange feeling!
I tend to lean towards pastry chef cookbooks – such as my new favourite PH10.

Though, when I cook for myself I like to keep it simple and fresh.
I love clean Asian flavours: lemongrass, soy sauce, coriander are high among my everyday favourites.


These chili prawn linguine are a winner. A simple comfort dish that I’ve made at least once – if not twice – a week during the last few weeks.
It’s pretty straightforward (as most of Bill Granger’s recipes) but has that wow-factor that makes everyone sited at the table go wild.
I like to replace the linguine by egg-noodles, which adds a nice touch.

Anyway, I’d love to hear how you feel about recent cookbooks? What are your favourites and why?
Just a little parenthèse [parenthesis]: I’d like to buy some vintage cookbooks but I don’t know where to start. So any suggestions would be appreciated!