72 entries!
Wow that’s a lot. But who is going to spend endless nights now?
The judges of course!
I choose a friendly panel of 4 judges + me. Some are foodbloggers, other aren’t, but i think it’s a quite a good thing since they have a food-virgin eye and can only be objective.

Anne-So is a french blogger. Her blog Cachemire et Soie is beautiful and explores design and girly stuff. She also loves her food. She recently made a lovely (and rock-and-roll!) Ispahan cake and you really shouldn’t miss her post about eating a Ladurée religieuse – pure extasy!

Marieke is a Holland-based foodblogger i discovered quite late this year and now i wonder how i managed to live without knowing Maison Dorré Trifles before.
The pictures taken by Edwin (Marieke’s husband) are a delight for the eyes and Marieke’s writing is great.
I’m so happy she accepted to join the team because i really wanted to share with you this treasure-blog.
Look at this and i’m sure you’ll all want to make a good-old trifle afterwards!

Ooishi, of So Ooishi, is one of the most talented foodblogger i know. I simply love her recipes and gorgeous pictures.
She’s also a big fan of Japan -a passion which i share with her-; thus she likes her food to be cute. Have a look at this delicious post and you’ll understand what i’m talking about.

David isn’t a foodblogger, not even a blogger but he’s a film student and my lovely assistant boyfriend.
He’s been holding wooden boards (to make the pictures background), choosing between tons of pictures THE one i should blog about… ever since the birth of foodbeam. Hence, i ask you to give him your full confidence; this guy knows what he does.

And eventually, me.