Seventy-two contestants! Hours of work! But gosh, this was worth the effort. Not only I discovered talented foodbloggers I didn’t know before but I’m also cheerful to have participated to such an event involving the whole foodblogging community, which I’m proud to be part of.
So thank you everybody for participating, ‘de près ou de loin’.
You’ll notice the judges and myself have decided to add a couple (OK, a little more than that) of categories because some pictures really stood out and we wanted to congratulate the brilliant photographers (which is, in my opinion, the aim of Does my blog look good in this? — Andrew, I hope you won’t mind :*)

I can’t make you wait any longer. Here are the results. Roulement de tambour…


It may be due to the heat or to the icy-licious pictures, but ice-cream is certainly THE big winner of this month challenge. Either in sandwich, in handmade buckets or in lovely cones… We are all melting for these beautiful iced delights.


Haalo from Melbourne gratifies us with a gorgeous blackberry semifreddo sandwhich.
We really liked the vitality of the bright pink and the cute heart details.
eatability – 9/10
originality – 9,75/10
aesthetics – 8,5/10
total – 27,25/30


This beautiful blueberry ice-cream picture hit us because of the wonderful composition and styling (Mae painted the buckets herself!) but also because of its quality.
eatability – 9,03/10
originality – 8,35/10
aesthetics – 9,83/10
total – 27,20

This sexy picture comes from Aun/S. We loved its sensuality – two ice-cream cones, a bottle of wine (is it wine/champagne Aun?)… Lighting and focus are also excellent making this picture a professional look-a-like.
eatability – 8,85/10
originality – 8,55/10
aesthetics – 9,60/10
total – 27/30




What is yummier than pancakes drenched in a melted-golden-like maple syrup? Nothing.
Kit proves us that simpler is better. A stack of fat pancakes and a drizzle of maple syrup and our judges are in heaven.
eatability – 8,85/10




Aesthetics is one of the main factors in food photography. With good lighting, sharpness and great composition you can make almost everything look luscious.
Lara‘s picture – aesthetically perfect exudes her love for good and fresh food and you can’t deny she’s one of the most talented photographs out there.
aesthetics – 8,65/10




Frozen yogurt is already original. But star-shaped frozen yoghurt is even more unusual.
This creation, by Nemisbéka, nicely astonished us by its ingenuity and its great focus, colour and perfect exposure.
originality – 8,73/10




A food picture always benefits from a sharp focus and thus from a great depth of field.
This picture taken by Andrew is a good example of terrific use of depth of field which results in a yummy yet stylish photo.




Although we tend to think that best food pictures are taken under natural light we really liked this one, taken by Bron.
The light might be slightly too bright but its use seems under control – we love the way the beam reflects on the tomatoes creating a great sparkling effect and revealing the top-freshness of the tomatoes.




Ribbons, placemats, napkins… are to food photography what hats, scarves and bags are to fashion – fundamental accessories.
Bea proves that a simple ribbon bow can have a great impact. Again simplicity is the key-word as we think that a crowded picture distracts the viewer from the central element (that accessories are supposed to highlight and not to hide): food!




Composition is –at least in my mind- the way the elements of a picture are positioned. In this case we wanted to highlight how a great arrangement could bring to light the food.
This minimal croissant picture by Bonnie is a good model: a stack of two croissants and another one in the background make the things clear – it’s all about croissant!




This picture from Nicole has the cute factor that brings everyone into childhood again. The tiny cheesecakes, the glossy cherries… Simply gorgeous!


Congratulations to all the participants and winners.
Here are some lovely badges created by Matt. Winners – feel free to use them on your blog.

And if you’re interested in participating to next month’s challenge, head over ToastPoint