[A treasured pâtisserie – La Bonbonnière by Enri Lopez]


Toulouse is a lovely city with hundreds of tiny streets you discover one day after another.
It’s like walking in a labyrinthe [labyrinth].

Last year, as I was discovering the hidden treasures my new student hometown, I spotted a lovely boutique which had the most beautiful and attractive front-window you could ever dream of – colourful, elegant and very delicious.
To tell the truth, the real thing that caught my eyes was a mighty macarons croquenbouche.
I had to enter. And I did.

I will always remember that day. There were so many different patisseries I stayed in the shop – unsure about what to choose – for more than half an hour.
From that special day, I’ve been visiting La Bonbonnière every other week and always have a nice talk with the lovely lady that sells heaven in a box.



This is a ‘Christmas special’. Every year, from November, the pastry chef makes this delicate entremet:
– mousse aux marrons avec des éclats de marron confits [chestnut mousse with candied chestnut chunks]
– bavaroise au whisky [whisky bavaroise]
– dacquoise aux amandes [almond dacquoise]

Macarons à la vanille


These macarons have a fine vanilla flavour and are speckled with loads of vanilla seeds from Mexico.



This is the first entremet I tried from La Bonbonnière and I am SO in love with it.
It might be the nostalgia of the first bite or the delicious combination of Manjari milk chocolate and cinnamon, but Gauguin embodies paradise – if paradise there is.


I was first attracted by this entremet because of its beauty. Imagine a shiny white glaze freckled with vanilla seeds.
Inside that stunning carapace sit:
– almond bavaroise
– diced pear
– pear bavaroise
– almond dacquoise

La Bonbonnière
41 r Tourneurs
31000 Toulouse
Tel.: 00 335 61 21 66 04