I’m taking a product development class for which I had to come up with two new products.
I created a new vegetarian magazine and a gluten-free brioche mix.

Now I’ve got to focus on only one of these two products – the vegetarian magazine, however here is the drawing I had made for the brioche mix.


Let’s now move on to the magazine – I do need your help.
Could you answer the following questions in the comment section – it’ll be quick and might help me to get a good grade!

Who are you? Age, sex, interests… Just about anything that’d help me to know you.

What do you expect from a food magazine? Give the five attributes that are the most important to you? (from the following list, please give the most important benefit a rank of 10 – rank benefits of lesser importance with a lesser number)

Would you be interested in buying a vegetarian food magazine even if you’re not a vegetarian?
What would make you buy it then? Specify by giving attributes, features or benefits.

Are you vegetarian?
If so, what do you think of the current vegetarian food magazine market?
Are you looking for a new magazine?
What would make you buy this magazine?
What do you expect from a vegetarian food magazine?

After these general concerns, it’s time to get more specific about “cerise” – the new vegetarian food magazine.
The idea being to create a new high-quality vegetarian magazine that will appeal first to the inner food lover in you, and eventually to the vegetarian you are.

The magazine will be approximately 150-page long, which seems to be an ideal length if we look at different inspirational food magazines.

It will have a monthly theme based on the season, holidays, produce… which will be covered in the regular columns:
– editor’s letter
– courier: letters from the readers
– local farming spotlight: this feature will be about a regional grower/breeder (crops, fruit trees, cheese, honey…)
– in-season: recipes and tips for using seasonal food
– week days: this part of the magazine, composed of several articles, will be focused on cooking during the week. Think straightforward and yummy.
– week end: there you will everything to make week end days special; from full menus to baking, from preserving to ice cream making.
– the veggie twist: inspiring vegetarian cooking from renowned chefs around the world

The layouts should be fresh and elegant, just as the photography, which will support the recipes offering eye-catching pages.

The title, “cerise” (French word for cherry) conveys the idea of freshness. The absence of a capital letter implies that the magazine is not fancy or fussy; just about simple good food. And the subtitle “vegetarian & luscious” reinforces that concept but also introduces the main subject of the magazine – vegetarian food – in a subtle way.
As for the font combination, it suggests elegance and quality.

For the production of the magazine, paper and ink will be needed: matte high-density paper for the cover and glossy paper for the content.
Using recycled paper would be interesting for the local farming spotlight feature.


Globally, what do you think of it?

Do you like the title and subtitle? the cover?

What do you reckon about the features? Would you think of anything else or is the content well rounded-up?

And what about the photography? (size, quality…)

What caught your eye? What is your favourite part?

What do you think about the layout? The fonts? The graphic design?

Would you buy it?
If yes: for 6US$? 7US$? 8US$?
Or UK consumers: for 4£? 5£?

Thanks for your help.
– fanny