oven baked ratatouille

Can you believe we – French people – had to wait until last Wednesday to be able to see this delicious movie?
And yep, I totally couldn’t resist to make this gorgeous and luscious ratatouille au four [oven ratatouille].

Sunday night I went to the theater with my little sister, and the next morning, by 8am* I was ready – wearing sunglasses to hide my obvious dark circles (I got so excited by the movie that my mind was just thinking about ratatouille and how lovely the meaning of the film is) and carrying my favourite sac en osier – to go to the market.
I arrived to the market around 8.30* and got as many légumes d’été [summer vegetables] as humanly possible. Carrying my then 100kg bag with somewhat difficulty, I put everything on the passenger’s sit and drove home like crazy; endless ideas popping in my mind.
The rest is another story, and I promise you’ll soon hear it (along with the most delicious ratatouille recipe ever).
You’ll have to wait for a week, though, as I am leaving for a one-week holiday! See you next week…

* times have been changed for evident reasons – did you honestly think that I woke up can wake up at 7?