It’s feeling a lot like Christmas around already, isn’t it? Light garlands have been installed in town. People are Christmas-gift-buying on week nights. A lovely perfume of grilled chestnuts fills Toulouse.
I just love it. Gets me I a happy mood and makes me feel cosy. Well, my ugg boots are actually what keeps me cosy.
Today, as every Saturdays, I spent most of my day home. Reading, cooking and checking my feeds.
A perfect Saturday. I mean, really.

Something got me super excited. As I was reading Laurie‘s last posts, I stumbled upon that one. And although, I won’t follow the exact same rules, it inspired me.
Basically, I will send a box with handmade/homemade goodies to one lucky person who leaves a comment on this post.
So if you want some sweetness from the sweetest of all girls (yeah, technically, that’s me), just leave a comment here and your name might be picked.

Let’s get on with today’s recipe though. I know this goodie give-away is utterly thrilling, but well, I have to move on.
As said above, I didn’t get many things done today: an hour-bike ride along the canal du midi, some reading and a pudding.
My cupboards being nearly empty, I had to get along with what I had: coconut milk, tapioca and two old pomegranate.
The choice was quick. The eating too.


Coconut and pomegranate tapioca pudding

I love how the fresh pomegranate seeds add some bite to this smooth and creamy pudding.
Plus, it’s dead-easy to make.

Short-note: if you’re using bigger tapioca pearls, you should adapt the cooking times accordingly.

Coconut and pomegranate tapioca pudding

serves 2, as a light dessert

30g small pearl tapioca
250ml coconut milk
1 egg yolk
30g sugar
seeds and juice from one pomegranate

Place the tapioca and coconut milk into a thick-bottomed pan, quickly mix and soak for 40 minutes.
Mix in the egg yolk and sugar and cook over low heat for 10 minutes, or until the tapioca is cooked through.
Fold in the pomegranate seeds and juice and refrigerate for at least an hour.