[Dreamy salted butter caramel jelly]


Sometimes, things don’t turn out the way you expect them to.
It can be either sad.
One day you know you’re in love – you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams*; and the second after, you learn he’s leaving for another country.
Or happy.
One day, you’re making what you think is going to be one layer of creamy-and-sweet-yet-slightly-salty-and-deeply-caramely jelly; and when you open the fridge door, have the surprise to find a multi-layered jelly.
The top layer is amber-brown and has a dense almost fudgy texture and a wonderful butterscotch taste; while the bottom layer, creamy-white, is more like a flan with a subtle caramel flavour.


While you enjoy your last spoonful of it, you realise you didn’t write down the quantities you used to produce such a sleek and delicious gelée.
Some sugar.
Some salted butter from Normandie.
Some double cream.
Some milk.
Some gelatine (and then she pretends she’s a vegetarian!).

Three lessons. Never kiss a boy goodbye at the airport in the middle of the night, buy yourself a ticket and make his country become your home. Never forget to write down what you put in a pan, even if you think it’s just food-for-you and not for the blog. Never cry because it’s over, instead smile because it happened.
While I can’t say with certainty that following these three rules will make your life perfect, I am sure it can make it better.

But well, you know me. I’m somewhat, ahem, stubborn. I tried to make that gelée again. And again. And again. Three times actually.
Basically, I put some sugar (70g) in a pan and cooked it until amber-brown; threw in a spoonful of salted butter (25g); pour some cream (120g) onto the bubbling mixture; melted two soaked gelatine leaves with a little milk, which I added to the caramel sauce with some more milk (200g) and divided into two ramekins.
You can try. At your own risks though. I never got the same wonderful result. Actually, that’d be great if you tried, because I’ve run out of cream, which makes my quest even more difficult.


At least, I have precious memories so that I remember. The boy. And the jelly. Just like I would never know again the things that I’ve already missed.

* Yeah, Dr Seuss totally is my heroe.