Playing favourites is one of my favourite game ever. Vanilla or chocolate? Jiann or Alistair? Puppy dogs or cats?

Same applies to Menu for Hope. While I should try to be as fair as possible, I couldn’t help but pick some favourites. And if I love them, I think you will love them too. So here they are. Play favourites too. Choose one or more prizes. Buy tickets to enter the raffle and maybe win your most favouritest prize.

Teatime at La Cocotte with Rachel *EU08*


It might be because I love Rachel and pretty much everything she does, but well, the girl’s talented. She’s currently the head pastry chef at La Cocotte, Paris hypest cookbook shop and place for gourmandes.
For Menu for Hope, Rachel gives you the chance to have tea at La Cocotte with her. There will only be one lucky winner, so make sure you secure yourself a place.
Read more about this prize on Rachel’s blog.

Name this baby goat *EU20*

baby goat

Although this is somewhat one of the prizes I’m offering, but Bruno – the farm owner – really is the generous man behind this. He’s the kindest person you’re likely to meet and I admire his passion and devotion. His goats mean everything to him and that’s why the cheese is so good. Probably the best goat’s cheese on the French Riviera.
You can win the opportunity to name one baby goat. Look how cute she is! She’ll be ‘yours’ and if I were you I wouldn’t miss this. I got the chance to name baby goats two years ago and feel very proud about it every time I spend a day on the farm.
Read more about this prize on foodbeam.

A signed copy of Dorie Greenspan’s Baking from my home to yours *EU23*


Three words: chocolate chip cookies. I made them last week and they’re out of this world. Simply the best chocolate chip cookies ever.
This is definitely the leitmotiv of this book. Every recipe is the best recipe ever. You’ll never be disappointed. They work, look beautiful, taste delicious.
And if you live in Paris, Dorie could even deliver the book to you herself.
Read more about this prize on Dorie’s blog.

The Moomin-addict baking item collection *EU15*


I clearly need this. Moomins have always been such a favourite. I would watch the show as a child and loved it. So now, Dagmar gives us the possibility to make Moomin-shaped cakes and cookies.
You can’t not want it. No, you can’t.
Read more about this prize on Dagmar’s blog.

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