You should know me by now. I can’t not bake. It gets me physically-and-emotionally-damaged. Yes, it’s that bad. I need to bake. Really, I need it.
However, I do understand that some people consider baking and pastry as difficult and time-consuming.

Here is the thing: I’m addicted to baking and you desperately need some help/step-by-step guidance.
Is there a cake/tart/entremet you’re too scared or lazy to make? Just tell me one word and I’ll make your dreams come true. May it be St Honoré, Tarte Tatin, macarons, éclairs au chocolat, doughnuts. I will make anything. Just for you.

Everyone* that bids on one of my prizes – or actually any prize from Europe – to raise money for Menu for Hope will get the chance to be one of the three lucky people that will receive a customised envelop, containing:
– the hand written recipe of their choice
– beautifully printed step-by-step pictures
– my phone number/aim so you can call me if having troubles with the recipe

I’ll be your own private pastry chef. So bid on my prizes before tonight and send me an email before the 31st of December. Three lucky winners will be randomly picked on the 1st of January.
So think about it. Whether you would like to name a sweet-looking baby goat (EU20), or win some delicious cookies that just tastes like Pierre Hermé’s (EU10), or even be lucky enough to spend a day or more with me (EU11).

Buy a raffle ticket now.

* Please pick either EU10, EU11 or EU20 by the end of the day and email me by the 31st of December. This offer applies to everyone who has already bid on one of my prizes too, just email me.