I hope you’re having a lovely time with your family. In my house, Christmas was celebrated yesterday night with a scrumptious dinner.

bubble and squeak in baked potato skins
brochettes de boudin blanc et pommes poilées [apple and white pudding kebabs]
blinis servis avec crème fraîche et caviar [fresh yeast blinis served with crème fraiche and caviar]
focaccia maison aux champignons à l’ail et au persil et son œuf de caille [homemade focaccia with garlic-and-parsley mushrooms, and pan-fried quail eggs]

chapon rôti [free-range organic roast capon]
purée de pommes de terre au lard fumé [mashed potatoes with smoked pig belly]
petits oignons grelots confits [small confits onions]

bûche Plaisir Sucré

The highlights of the night definitely were the focaccia (Dan Lepard officialy is my new favourite person in the world) and the bûche, which I’ll post about during the upcoming week.

– fanny