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Menu for Hope – My favourites

Playing favourites is one of my favourite game ever. Vanilla or chocolate? Jiann or Alistair? Puppy dogs or cats?

Same applies to Menu for Hope. While I should try to be as fair as possible, I couldn’t help but pick some favourites. And if I love them, I think you will love them too. So here they are. Play favourites too. Choose one or more prizes. Buy tickets to enter the raffle and maybe win your most favouritest prize.

Teatime at La Cocotte with Rachel *EU08*


It might be because I love Rachel and pretty much everything she does, but well, the girl’s talented. She’s currently the head pastry chef at La Cocotte, Paris hypest cookbook shop and place for gourmandes.
For Menu for Hope, Rachel gives you the chance to have tea at La Cocotte with her. There will only be one lucky winner, so make sure you secure yourself a place.
Read more about this prize on Rachel’s blog.

Name this baby goat *EU20*

baby goat

Although this is somewhat one of the prizes I’m offering, but Bruno – the farm owner – really is the generous man behind this. He’s the kindest person you’re likely to meet and I admire his passion and devotion. His goats mean everything to him and that’s why the cheese is so good. Probably the best goat’s cheese on the French Riviera.
You can win the opportunity to name one baby goat. Look how cute she is! She’ll be ‘yours’ and if I were you I wouldn’t miss this. I got the chance to name baby goats two years ago and feel very proud about it every time I spend a day on the farm.
Read more about this prize on foodbeam.

A signed copy of Dorie Greenspan’s Baking from my home to yours *EU23*


Three words: chocolate chip cookies. I made them last week and they’re out of this world. Simply the best chocolate chip cookies ever.
This is definitely the leitmotiv of this book. Every recipe is the best recipe ever. You’ll never be disappointed. They work, look beautiful, taste delicious.
And if you live in Paris, Dorie could even deliver the book to you herself.
Read more about this prize on Dorie’s blog.

The Moomin-addict baking item collection *EU15*


I clearly need this. Moomins have always been such a favourite. I would watch the show as a child and loved it. So now, Dagmar gives us the possibility to make Moomin-shaped cakes and cookies.
You can’t not want it. No, you can’t.
Read more about this prize on Dagmar’s blog.

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Menu for Hope – Things are getting serious

Ok guys, see who the Sleeping Beauty is? Well, forget that. It’s me. Really. I am the Sleeping Beauty, and pretty much spent this past week in my bed. Unable to move or eat. Being ill clearly rocks. When I finally woke up I found out that Menu for Hope has now received over 40,000$. Yeah!


I mean. Yeaaaaaah.

I’m somewhat disappointed though. First, because no one wants my cookies. Com’on people, you know you love them. They’re just perfect and taste like a dream.
To prove you how wrong you are not to know you need them, take that:


It seems you also need new cookbooks, don’t you? Whether you feel like making British cookies, yummy vegetarian recipes, a delicious quinoa salad or sophisticated entremets, just a 10$ ticket can offer what you’re looking for.


And what a bout a relaxing day with one of your favourite bloggers? Hot chocolate at Jean-Paul Hévin, lunch at Lenotre, visit of Lyon or Paris


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Menu for Hope – Words to devour

If you didn’t already know that Sam of Becks and Posh is my hero, well, now you can’t not notice. She is.
Last year, as a Menu for Hope host, she wrote amazing posts everyday. I remember one that didn’t say anything about the prizes, but would instead show colourful and attractive words on which you had to click. Just like a surprise Jelly Belly bean.

Here is a rainbow of words to devour. Just click, meet my lovely friends and discover their terrificaly hot, coco, bittersweet, kawaii, healthy, chic, delicious prizes.



If you’re still hungry, you can check the marvelous prizes offered by the European foodbloggers. Not full yet? Then drop by Pim and discover all the prizes you could win for just 10$!

J’aime les sablés de chez Pierre Hermé, les bébés chèvres & many other things


Judging from the number of emails I receive on a daily basis, you guys, are all about wanting to know how a French girl like me lives like.
Well, one of the most important thing you should know is that I love: earmuffs, baby goats and Pierre Hermé’s sablés.

Today, I’m offering you the opportunity to share bits and bites of the highly, ahem, interesting and actually very random facts that make me happy.
For just 10$, you can buy a raffle ticket and win the chance to discover my sweet life.

Les sablés de chez Pierre Hermé (EU10)

If I had to remember only one thing from the amazing ten-weeks I spent at Pierre Hermé Paris, it would definitely be the sablés.

Les sablés aux olives noires
I might have spent hours (and yes, I do mean hours) cutting out 5,5cm-wide disks out of the amazingly smooth yet speckled with crushed black olives dough. The pâte à sablés was so fragrant that as soon as I took it out of the fridge, it filled the room with a strong and delightful olive perfume.
The dough was then rolled, détaillée, arranged into small silicon moulds and baked. Possibly the best cookies I’ve ever had: sweet yet pleasantly salty and perfectly short-textured.

Les sablés au chocolat et à la fleur de sel
These definitely are another favourite. I love the contrast between the melting chocolate chunks and the texture of the sablé itself.
The addition of salt is a brilliant idea: it doesn’t only enhance the profound chocolate taste but it also makes these cookies particularly desirable.

If you choose this prize – EU10, you can get this absolutely delicious sablés at your door. I will happilly ship them to the US and anywhere in Europe.
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Les bébés chèvres (EU20)

I was lucky enough to work on an organic goat breeding farm a little more than two years ago. I then spent my days taking care of over eighty goats: milking them, taking them to the park, cuddling them… The rest of the day was spent making, what is known as the finest organic goat’s cheese of the French riviera.
You can imagine how wonderful it was. But can you imagine how cute baby goats are?

If you choose this prize – EU20, you get the chance to name of those lovely baby goats. Names start with a D this year so you can get as creative as you want.
You will also get a high-quality print of your baby goat as soon as she’ll be born (around Ferbruary or March 08).
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And many other things (EU11)

If you choose this prize – EU11, you’ll get the opportunity to spend one or two days with me. Perfect if you want to know how it feels like to be a French girl or if you want to become a better baker or food photographer.
Thos two days will be packed with exciting things:
– a visit to my favourite farmers’ market
– a baking class
– a visit to the most gorgeous goat breeding farm with the possibility to learn how to make soft goat cheese and to cuddle baby goats
– a food photography class
– eating yummy things, like ice creams or homemade ratatouille…
Actually, pretty much everything you want to do.

Buy raffle tickets now »

If it’s impossible for you to travel down the South of France (or if you’re creepy as hell), I’ll make sure to send you a huge packet full of my absolute favourite stuff. And when I say huge, I mean it.

Soooo please, do buy a ticket for this prize, or I’ll feel very lonely. And you don’t want that do you? I might even let you try my earmuffs on… Com’on. Who could refuse such an offer?