[A jonchée in three bites]


I had planned to write about Easter. How happy it makes me; and I swear it’s not just the chocolate profusion. In my family, Easter revolves around love and quite evidently, around food. I realise I might sound like a broken record – and I’m pretty sure I actually do – but there isn’t a thing I like more than having the chance to spend time with the people I care the most about and a delicious finger-licking meal. This past week-end was just like that. And it was fantastic. My grand parents rock, so does what they cook.

See, this is what I had planned to talk about. But right now, I need to share what I refer to as the most bestest thing ever. Yeah, the thing I could almost give my whole family for. Harsh, isn’t it? Well, you might now hate me. And that’s fine: more jonchée for me.


The jonchée is something I’ve already – somewhat briefly – talked about before. It’s a sort of fresh cow-milk cheese, which shape is due to the jonce [reed grass] mat they’re encased in. Although its manufacturing process relies on ferments and rennet, it hardly resembles cheese.
The texture is unique: the soft and melt-in-your mouth inners are enclosed in a firm shell. And the taste. No words for it. The whey the jonchées bathe in is flavoured with natural almond extract.

I usually start by sprinkling some unrefined cane sugar onto the drained jonchées. Then spoon some whey over.


And eat.