[A midsummer night’s dream – What to do with sour cherries?]

For the first time in many months, it’s been sunny for more than two days in a row. And when I say sunny it’s a definite understatement – it’s actually been damn hot, like ice-cream hot (more about ice-cream to come later this week).

But well, you see, my immune system decided not to cooperate. There was no way it would have allowed me to enjoy those beautiful days. Hence the strep throat as a result.

After two days spent in bed, I found the courage to hit the farmer’s market this morning. Since I was already awake by seven am, the place felt quiet and relaxing; and I took the time to have a chat with each producer I bought things from. So very nice.

I got courgettes and courgette flowers – ten of them for less than a euro; definitely one of the best surprises ever. Gorgeous little cantaloupe melons; didn’t you know you can tell when a melon is ripe from its peduncle? And more accurately, by the detachment of the peduncle. When the melon is ready for harvest, you can see little cracks around its peduncle.
I also picked lovely white peaches, which got crushed at the bottom of my basket; fresh pasta; organic home-cured ham; fragrant butter; young onions and the first tomatoes.
As well as the last cherries of the year. Gines, I’m told they’re called. To be honest I had never heard about such a variety before; they seem to be very close to griottes [sour cherries] – only slightly sweeter since it’s the end of the season.

I never really make anything special from cherries. Just eat them – or yes, make clafoutis –, but with those, I do feel like making something unique.

Do you have any great recipe using sour cherries that you’d like to share?
Pretty pretty please.

Je ne fais jamais rien de spécial à base de cerises. Je me contente de les manger – ou si, je l’admets, de faire des clafoutis. Mais avec ces griottes, j’ai envie de faire quelque chose d’unique.

Est-ce que vous avez des recettes à me faire découvrir?
Pretty pretty please.

And by the way, happy midsummer to you and your loved ones!