If you’re anything like me, you probably think that cupcakes do deserve their disputable standing. I mean, just a quick look around you, and the only thing you’ll see are colourful, sprinkle-packed, prettily piped buttercream topping tasteless (or even worse, awful-tasting) cakes baked in cups.

So yes, that’s what you think.

However, if you’re anything like me, you might also have the inner feeling that you can change that. Make delicious cupcakes, baked with flair, sophistication and novelty.

And well, this is totally what I want you to do for this September edition of Sugar High Friday – aka, SHF; the terrific event created many months ago by the no-less terrific Jennifer, the Domestic Goddess.

Please, help me prove the world that cupcakes can be as tasty as they look. Prove that they aren’t dead.

I heart them. For their size; for their cuteness; for they practical-ness; for how fun they are to make. And to look at. And to eat.
Today is your chance to show that you heart them too.

1. Make cupcakes. But make them original, with a twist. There is so much more to explore than box-cake and plain buttercream.

Think chiffon cake, chocolate fondant cake or flourless nut cake. Think meringue, ganache or French fondant. Go off the usual – and boring – path. And most importantly have fun. It’s just flour and sugar after all.

2. Take pictures of your cupcakes, and write down the recipe on your blog (if you don’t have a blog, please email me with both pictures and the recipe).
Do this before the 26th of September, and you’ll make me happy. If you happen to miss the deadline – which you don’t want to, trust me – do not hesitate to email with your details during the week end.

3. Send me an email – fanny[at]foodbeam.com – with SHF as a subject line, containing the following info:
– your name
– your blog’s name and url
– a link to your SHF post
– a picture of your choice, at least 205x205px

4. Enjoy the cupcakes you’ve just made with the people you love.

Et en français? Non non, je ne vous ai pas oubliés. Voici les instructions (résumées) pour participer à Sugar High Friday.

1. Faire des cupcakes. Un seul mot d’ordre: originalité et sophistication.
2. Les prendre en photos et écrire un article.
3. M’envoyer un email avec votre nom, le nom et l’url de votre blog, un lien vers votre article SHF et une photo de votre choix d’au moins 205x205px.
4. Profiter de ces cupcakes avec les gens que vous aimez.