It’s quite crazy how those past five days went by. I arrived home. Unpacked my (thousands of) bags. Baked a little. Filled in paperwork. Visited Pascal Lac to say hello and make sure he still wanted me to work for him.

Answered an interview. Put some green tea recipe together for an online magazine. And then, October showed up. So did deadlines.

Can you believe I forgot about the daring bakers‘ challenge. Yes, forgot! And I do really feel sorry for that. However, I did not forgot about you guys who sent me terrific pictures and recipes for delicious and creative cupcakes. You made my day, week and even month!

So here comes the first part of it. Thirty six lovely cupcakes. Just what I need to cheer me up. I’m starting my internship tomorrow and I am downright scared.

ps. thanks to all of you who so kindly offered to send me s’mores kits. You truly rock and I’m so happy to count you as my friends. However, Allison of the best blog ever for sushi addicts like me: Sushi Day. So thank you all, and now… onto the cupcakes. Enjoy!

Denise of Chicky Egg made those terrific cupcakes, fluffly as little clouds

Nic of Cherrapeno made Banoffee cupcakes. Now, may I suggest we focus for a sec.

Ash of Butterflyfood made beautiful lemon cupcakes with strawberry frosting.

Deedee of Bricole at home finds the perfect remedy to procrastination: cupcakes!

Michael of Herbivoracious made inspiring beet and goat cheese cupcakes.

Natashya of Living in the kitchen with puppies made corn cob-like cupcakes.

Vera of Baking obsession made self-icing ricotta and plum cupcakes.

Tori of Mama baker made the cutest capital city cupcakes, aka: nanaimo bars turned into cakes.

Monica of the Sour plum made delicate rosemary chiffon cupcakes.

Vaishali of Holy cow! made vegan baking easy by putting lemony vegan cupcakes together.

Joyce of Te@mo made simple yet delicious oreo cupcakes with a twist: honey and green tea!

Mae of Rice and noodles made drop-dead gorgeous pandan cupcakes with nutella frosting.

Illyana of NYAM made fluffy chocolate pavlova cupcakes topped with fresh fruits.

Cathy of La prochaine fois made crunchy peanut butter and chocolate cupcakes: puppy chow.

Elsa of Buzz et companie made adorable pink and blue hello kitty cupcakes.

Sylvie of Amuses-bouche made crispy crackles chocolate cupcakes; love them, eat them.

Vanille of Down under made sophisticated pistachio and chocolate cupcakes.

Enza of Da grande made luscious ricotta-frosted chocolate cupcakes encased in crisp pastry.

George of Culinary travels of a domestic goddess made brownie cupcakes with Baci hearts.

Hannah of Bittersweet made stylish adzuki bean-mousse filled cupcakes.

Laurel of Corpus bon vivant made organic chocolate and marshmallow cream cupcakes.

Rita of Clumbsy cookie made genius yoghurt cupcakes served in yoghurt pots!

Rachel of Coconut & lime made chocolate and vanilla tiger cupcakes.

Candice of Mmm tasty! made chai latte cupcakes. Trust me, I’m bookmarking the recipe.

Holly of Phemomemon peanut butter banana chocolate chip cupcakes with ovaltine frosting.

Arika of Yummy life made beautiful cherry and chocolate black bottom cupcakes.

Stef of the wonderfully cupcakey blog Cupcake project made toasted ravioli cupcakes.

Brilynn of Jumbo empanadas made delicate and deliciousvanilla cupcakes. Me lovey.

Shari of Whisk made stunning cupcakes baked in clementine shells.

Annalisa of the cutest Pera cotta made to-die-for pear, cinnamon and chote chocolate cupcakes.

Aimée of Under the high chair made pink buttermilk velvet cake cupcakes.

Elga of Semi di papavero made pomegranate cupcakes con panna. Perfect for autumn!

Jasmine of Jasmine cuisine made comforting apple and spice cupcakes.

Lorraine of Not quite nigella made gorgeous Ispahan cupcakes. Not quite Nigella, quite Pierre!

Laura of Earth muffin bakes made breakfast gingerbread cupcakes with apple and raisin.

Kelly of Sass & veracity made walnut and apple cupcakes, with apple chips. So delicious!

Part deux, coming very very soon(ish). I promise!