Aside from my daily – and so very exciting – job that feels like holidays, except for the 3am wake up, I’ve had to make many cakes and entremets this month.

Basically, I didn’t spend a minute not making patisserie; well, bar the sleeping, and the driving – although, they both make pretty good times for inspirational brainstorming (just watch out for that tree and those damn tight bends).

So far four entremets have been made and eaten until the last crumb. Two chocolatey ones, and much to my happiness, two berryliciousnesses.
Local berries in October totally are one of the reasons why I’m thrilled to be back on the Côte. Picture juicy – and organic – raspberries and strawberries; and trust me when I tell you how hard it is to resist munching on them.

Anyway, on the 11th, one of the people I love the most turned 15. Can’t believe my girl, my little sister, is all grown up. She’s the coolest person to hang out with, and we always end up doing silly dancing and singing; and perhaps more importantly, speaking French with a Canadian accent.

Aïda asked for a fraisier. A génoise, drenched in light syrup. A fragrant crème mousseline, flavoured with vanilla seeds. A handful of berries.
However, the farmer I bought the fruits from didn’t have enough strawberries to make a fraisier. But he certainly had plenty of tiny raspberries.

‘Bon je ferai un framboisier alors. Ca te va?’, I asked her with my guilty smile on.
‘Pfff, josé [pronounced the Spanish way; that’s how we call each others, weird, I know], bien sûr’, she replied.

In the end, the framboisier might not be as pretty as a regular fraisier, my sister – and family – loved it; which, quite obviously was worth an earth-load of strawberries.

Bon anniversaire mon petit gnome. xxx

Compared to most entremets, this one can’t be frozen and is definitely best on the day it is made. However, it’s very easy to save time by making the different components separately.

I started by making the génoise, which does not suffer from a little stay on the freezer. You can also make both the syrup and pâte d’amandes well in advance.

On the day before, the crème pâtissière is made and chilled, so that on the actual day, you only have to:
1) slice the génoise in two disks, drench them with syrup
2) combine the crème pâtissière with butter to make the mousseline
3) assemble to different parts and top with a pâte d’amandes disk