I know I probably didn’t make much sense the last time we chatted – or well, I posted – , but there is one thing you guys got. The bûches de Noël manifesto.

And yes, it hasn’t come yet. I’ve been way to busy with – actually – making the bûches and other entremets. But also with a very exciting project my best friend – Anna-Sarah – and I are working on.

Let me happily introduce you to la moustache, a small design workshop.

We now have a little blog and soon a shop will follow. I hope you’ll like it at least as much as we do – needless to say we are thrilled. So as off right now, I shall get some pretty things (illustration, stitching and more) ready for the big launch; but I promise I’ll be back in a day or two with the bûches.

Happy 2009!