perhaps my last polaroid. ever.

To many, I’m the girl with cherry earrings. But to the people who care the most about me, I’ve been cacahuète. For, like, ever.

Yes, my nickname is a French word. And yes, it does in fact means peanut.

Thus, you should understand why anything peanuty feels special to me. And today is no exception. I’ve just embarked on this huge pâtisserie and bread making. Focaccia. Pissaladiera. And a cacahuète-remembrance secret something.

Can you guess what I’m up to with flour, icing sugar, butter, peanuts and an egg?

All I can tell is that this is the first step of a multi-component recipe, which involves more peanuts, caramel, a smooth milk chocolate ganache, and many tiny little pillows of vanilla guimauve [marshmallow].

Hoepfully, everything will turn out just fine, and I’ll be able to share the recipes with you. Right here. Oh well, okay, it might take some time (you know me well, don’t you?).