[Looking forward Autumn – What to make with the very first figs?]


There are some things that you never forget. A kiss. A delicious cake. A fresh wind. A secret place where a couple of fig trees grow.

Today, I decided to take a break from my vacances routine – read: sleep, eat, swim, take pictures, drink cranberry juice, sleep – and go for a walk with my shiny new film camera. On the way back home, I thought I could go and check on the figs trees.

Just in case.

And there they were. Plump little dark guys. Juicy and perfectly sweet. Now I have plenty of them and need your help.

What’s your favourite fig recipe? Please, please do tell me, and I might give you the absolute location of the abandoned backyard where the trees grow. Oh pretty please.

And in case you’re just like me, here is some figish inspiration from blogs I’m in love with:
fig and sesame tarts with orange blossom whipped cream, on Sunday Suppers.
figs and red currants slices, on fresh365
ginger fig streusel tarts with lavender honey ice cream, on Tartelette.
roasted figs frozen mousse, on Cannelle et Vanille.

Oh, just one last question. Are you also looking forward Autumn and its rainy days? I am. Positively.


See you soon my lovelies, with a delicious berry recipe, and hopefully a gorgeous fig something.