spring is here again

Spring is here again, or so says my once upon a time number one favourite rock band.
Although Nirvana is still occasionally listened to – preferably loud in my headphones – my music interests have changed.

So has my life.

Rather unexpectedly, I realised some of the old posts, which pictures got lost during the move from blogger to wordpress didn’t really fit the person I’ve now become.
I’ve thus decided to temporarily delete them until I get the chance to re-upload the pictures.

It hasn’t been an easy choice, and certainly doesn’t mean I’m not grateful for foodbeam to having pushed me to make my dream come true by becoming a pastry chef.

I just wasn’t comfortable with the words-only – and sometimes, very random – articles; and I do truly hope you understand.

I guess the fact that Spring is finally showing up might have had some effect on this sudden urge to declutter. I’m just so excited with those sunny beams and blooming flowers.