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“Nature has provided me with a large palette to work from and, in turn, my presentation has become far more organic in an attempt to represent the natural world.”

Seasons – and more generally, nature – are something we should all be thankful for, so when I read Peter Gilmore’s words, they make me warm inside.
The beautiful approach he has with food is perfectly rendered in his book Quay.

beet quay

In fact, I’ve noticed that there is something about restaurant desserts that feels right. The creativity, the seasonality, the freshness.
Something that connects me with the reasons why I’m doing all of this.

And this book – like many others that I will share during the upcoming weeks – seems to be the perfect reflection of my feelings.

The words are limited, but always tasteful. The pictures are breath-taking. And the recipes exhibit everything I love about modern Australian cuisine.

A gorgeous lesson on how produce should be treated.

And just for the record, you’ll find a eight-texture chocolate cake, which happens to be number one on my to-make list, on page 218.

Just like the caviar pearl with scallop, pearl oyster and white tea jelly, on page 119. Or the crisp pressed suckling pig with prunes, sherry vinegar, black pudding and cauliflower cream, on page 153.

eight texture choc cake quay

(All images taken from Quay).