[The five – How to frost a cupcake?]


how to frost a cupcake

Before we learn how to frost a cupcake, let me tell you that it might only be the fifth day, and I might already have all the pictures made and processed, the illustrations doodled for the month ahead, but I’m already lacking sleep and turning into a more random, slightly crazy and possibly animated-gifs lover person (if that’s even possible).

It’s just that this whole calendar thing reminded me two very important facts about myself. I am impatient and stubborn.

Impatient, because, you see, I’m dying to tell you about all the lovely cakes and more that have been baked or made lately, but I can’t. Isn’t the feeling of anticipation the very aim of an advent calendar? Hmmm yes. Maybe.

Stubborn, because I refuse to write posts in advance. I blog to capture moments, to create what will later be reminders of happy times.

Like for example, the fact that tonight, it was so cold, the leaves on the pavement seemed like they were made of diamonds or glitter – which in my world happen to be just as marvellous, if not more.


So for now, let’s try not to slide too far on the icy pavement.

The cupcakes. They’re lovely, they’re delicious, they’re green. But how on earth would you frost a cupcake? Some like to pipe pretty rosaces. Others play it cool and use a small palette knife. And then, there is the fondant clan.

I must admit, that despite an endless love-affair with my piping bag, I like the simplicity of the palette knife approach.

what do ypu need to frost a cupcake

Here is what you need to frost a cupcake: one small palette knife (here is the one I’m using), a little frosting, sprinkles (they make like better, and yes, that’s a statement), and rather evidently, a cupcake.


Do you now get why I love this method so much? Four things. And four steps. That’s it. Perfect cupcake, ready to be eaten, because in the end, that’s all it gets down to.

Start by piling some frosting onto the cupcake. Sometimes, if my cakes are a little too plump, I like to trim their top off.

Then using the palette knife, smooth the frosting into a cone.

Finally, with the end of the palette knife, swirl the frosting around, starting from the edges inwards in a spiral motion, twisting the palette knife as you go, and finishing with a peak in the centre.

Immediately sprinkle with the glitter and nonpareils of your choice.

Eat and share. Or more reasonably, share and eat.