[The eleventh – Surprise pecan pie]


pecan pie bitten

I wish I could talk about how much I love recreating classics or old favourites. I find it’s the perfect way to highlight the beauty of what was once created and eaten with great joy.

It’s a bit like being in love. For real. You get both the comfort of having someone so close and the excitement of discovering him everyday under a new light, which you happen to be completely crazy about.

Oh yeah, I wish I had the time to develop. But right now, my alarm is set in just a little over five hours. So it’s going to be brief.

An awaken dream before the actual ones start to take over.

pecan pie top

An idea. Just because I could have made it perfect, but was once again short of time, short of a good pecan pie recipe, and slightly short of rational thoughts after the bottles of wine we’d shared before I started plating the dessert for our very own little party.

Just the two of us.

But this version tasted delicious. The creaminess and subtle floral flavour of the bavaroise stood against the sweet crunch of the nuts rather beautifully.

pecan pie

Tarte aux noix de pécans

I can’t really call this a recipe, but more a guideline to follow. I have no records of the proportions. But I can only urge you to try.

Or even better, come up with your very own twist on a favourite. Because, pastry should be fun and fearless.

And please, someone give me your absolute go-to pecan pie recipe. Please, please, please!

Tarte aux noix de pécans

for the pie
use your favourite recipe and make it into 75mm rings. allow to cool.

for the vanilla bavarois
use this recipe, then pipe it into silicon savarin mould, which happen to be roughly 75mm-wide. then freeze until needed.

for the sugar-coated pecans
150g pecan halves
100 caster sugar
30g water

Heat a pan over medium heat. And roast the the nuts, shaking as you go, for 3 minute, until you can smell a definite pecan aroma.
Set aside in a heatproof bowl.

Bring the sugar and water to the boil and cook the syrup to 120°C. Pour a third over the pecan halves. Then stir with a wooden spoon until the sugar cristallise and the nuts start to separate. Continue until you have used all the syrup.

for the montage
Place a ‘savarin’ of bavarois on top of a tart. Allow to come to temperature in the fridge. Repeat with the remaining tarts. Place a couple of sugar coated pecans in the hole of the ‘savarin’. Serve when the bavarois is completely thawed.