[The twelfth – A trick for an easy tart-ring lining]


It sure sounds slightly awkward and long in English. I mean, line a tart ring with sweet pastry? Foncer seems so much easier.

And it is in fact. Especially when you know this one tip, given to me by a pastry chef friend.

Simply butter your ring before lining it with your rolled out dough.


It will make the pastry slide more easily, to avoid it from tearing apart. And it makes sure the sides brown nicely during the baking process.

Easy peasy, right?

tart ring spectra

And for the record, foncer also means: rush and darken. So for those of you who are trying to learn French, I send you my warmest wishes.

And for the off-the-record, here are facts that possibly underline how random I feel right now.

I want pink hair. I could photograph the everyday with a mamiya universal. I love the smell of his skin, it’s like a drug. I miss my sister. I miss my bed. I drink one actimel and three lattes before 9am every morning. I could live in the short moment that follows the dawn. And I love you very very much.