canon 400D

I got the Canon 400D during a perfect day of summer, back on the cote d’azur – la cote or le sud, as we call it, us expats.
It was around July 2007.

I bought it new, with the kit lens – a 18-55mm, which is still used when pictures of polaroids are needed – and the 50mm f/1.8.
A few months later, the macro 100mm f/2.8 followed.

It feels like a long time ago. And I still love this camera endlessly. It might not be my favourite or the most practical for travels, but it’s perfect when I want immediate pictures that capture or, even, enhance the reality.

before after editing

In fact, when day-light becomes what should be called day-darkness, my Canon is priceless for all the photography your eyes can see around here.

The proof is this picture taken today at five pm, when all I could gaze at through my window was the rain turning into snowflakes. And really, it might be five pm, but it’s been dark ever since I woke up at ten am. Fact.

day dark

For this same reason, I shoot everything in RAW mode. A RAW image is just like JPEG, except that when I click on the vignette of my Adobe Bridge (which is my photo management application), the Camera RAW software launches.
And just like I would do it in Photoshop, I can tweak the settings – colour, exposition, contrast, saturation, luminosity – until I reach the desired state. At which point, I open it in Photoshop to resize, crop, and save into a JPEG file.


One thing that particularly makes me feel in love with this camera is the ability to shoot in continuous mode.

It’s very nifty to create the animated gifs I like so much.

For example, this one, created after Anna-Sarah and I made an apple and cinnamon strudel.

And because this little monster is possibly the one thing I photographed with all my cameras, it will make the perfect reference.

little monster canon

For the record, here are some of my favourites for the year that has passed. As you can see, they aren’t too many.

In fact, over the last months, I’ve been using my film cameras more than ever.

But more to come on this tomorrow…

fave canon