I thought I would go straight to bed today. Without dropping by to say hello. Oh yes, I thought of my very favourite blanket and the quietness of the snow-coated night ahead.

What I didn’t think about was that, no matter how long was my day or how tired I feel, the cab driver who is, more or less, safely taking me home will always make me smile. He will sing like there was no tomorrow, he will rant about the latest game of his favourite team, or he will make me swear three times that – no – I am not Billie Piper.

So well, since today started with a picture of the smallest apples covered by snow taken with my beloved Pentax ME Super, it seems evident to end the day with a special feature about this special camera.

pentax me super

I got it back in 2008. Another summer day. A lovely vide-grenier [garage sale] in Fouras. After a difficult start – and by difficult, I really mean a blank first roll – I started to fall in love with it.

This camera might be my favourite. And it shows. Just a short year later, it’s spent so much time in my bag or around my hand that I’ve had to tape it up together.

It’s the perfect camera when I want to slow down and take the time to see – or more accurately, notice – the beautiful things that surround me.

Especially with the 50mm f/1.7 lens. A gem. Or perhaps, even more fitting a description, a dimestore diamond.

At the moment, I’m only using Kodak Gold film and I became best-friends with my picture-developer-boy. But things I’m really hoping for are trying new films and developing myself.

I also really want to use it more for food photography because the results always feel so right.

food pentax me super

And yet, I somehow, almost exclusively use it for often-overlooked everyday-details. I remember a movie where the girl would pretend to take pictures to lock memories somewhere safe. Well, this is my very own memory catcher.


Good night my little monsters.

little monster pentax me super