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Hello, I’m Fanny.

I was born in 1985 and was living on the French Riviera, except for the couple of years I spent traveling around the world – until november 2009 when I moved to London to work as a pastry chef after I got my CAP (the French basic pastry diploma).

I love acorns, London, green bubble tea, skateboarding, Bloc Party, my cameras, being a pâtissière, unicorns, Michel Gondry, peacock feathers, hearts, embroidery, baby squirrels, milk chocolate, and probably many more things/people.

This blog is a collection of words, photographs and recipes from people who inspire me or from my own notebooks.

L’histoire de foodbeam

foodbeam was created in 2005 – at the time most of my friends considered me as a weird person. I mean, they were certainly happy to have beautiful cakes and luscious meals for birthdays and celebrations, but they couldn’t get why I was so passionate about food.

Now you’ve caught the background let’s get the actual facts.

During the 2005 summer – from the 2 July to the 17 to be accurate -, I was in Paris, sitting exams and doing oral presentations in order to show I was the best and that – yes – I deserved to enter one of the five Ecoles Nationales Supérieures d’Agronomie.
Basically these two crazy weeks consisted in me travelling Paris – lost and stressed as if my life was threatened.

Looking back, I didn’t have such a hard time; I’m just slightly exaggerating.
Indeed, from what I can recall (seems my memory is pretty effective at erasing the bad moments from my life) I remember watching Cuisine TV a lot (god bless my uncle’s television and its billions channels), shopping in Le Marais and Les Champs Elysées, acting in some crazy movies that my boyfriend had to film for his NY film academy summer courses…

Doesn’t really sound like much studying was involved, does it?

Obviously, this might be the reason why I was so stressed –-I knew I hadn’t studied enough; and because the concours is based on two full years of lectures, you have a lot to study (count at least 20 large binders – yep, the big fat ones).

It seems rather evident that I heavily procrastinated; my favourite activity – even if when I had 6 binders to know par coeur for the next day – was certainly to grab my laptop and browse the internet during hours.

This histoire is becoming a little too long so I’ll make it short: I stumbled upon nordljus and the traveler’s lunchbox and immediately fell in love.
So I wasn’t the only one?
Just back from Paris, I created my own blog and decided to call it foodbeam because I thought it sounded nice.

PS. eventually I passed the test and entered ENSAT!

Pâtisserie & Sweetness

At first foodbeam was just a place for me to share my love for food (indeed the first tagline was ‘the food i love, the food i cook’) – both savoury and sweet.
But as time flied away, I grew up and so did foodbeam – a clear trend appeared: I was passionate about pâtisserie.
foodbeam made me discover what makes me truly happy on a daily basis. And when I got the opportunity to finally step into a professional kitchen as a intern at Pierre Hermé, I just couldn’t resist.

Fanny, the pâtissier

After I graduated from ENSAT, I thought that if there was one short chance of becoming a pâtissier it was a kind of now or never matter.

So I kindly asked Pascal Lac – one of the best pâtissiers around the French Riviera – if he could let me be an apprentie for a year. He agreed. On the 26 may 2009, I took the CAP exam, and proudly passed it with excellent grades.

I am now officialy a pâtissier. And working in a five-star hotel in London, making desserts and afternoon teas.

The pictures

I am taking pictures with a Canon EOS 400D, fitted with either a 50mm f/1.8 lens or 100mm f/2.8 lens.

In case you want to know more about how I take food pictures, you might find the foodbeam food photography 101 I put together handy.