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Category: biscuits and cookies

Le neuf – Des cookies au chocolat et aux pretzels dans un pot

[The ninth – Chocolate and pretzels cookies in a jar]

Night seems to talk to every wall – Chocolate chip cookies, like muffins

There is something about early nights that feels like magic. It can be the glimmer of cheap ikea candles that smell of vanilla. Or the warmth of a pair of chunky mittens. Or perhaps for you, it’s the cosiness of the blanket you’re wrapped in, while reading a book to your favourite animal; mine currently […]

Into the wild – Matcha whoopie pies

You’re crazy. Possibly good-crazy, but crazy nonetheless. The fact that you can’t refrain your love for acorns, for anything impossible, and for green tea simply proves it. Or it might actually be that many times when you take the cutest voice ever and start rambling about ponies with glitter manes that live close to a […]

On aura qu’à se cacher sous les draps – Brownies-like cookies en ice cream sandwich au chocolat et à la banane

[We could just hide under the bed covers – Brownies-like cookies and banana ice cream sandwiches] Quite unexpectedly, summer showed up; with its glorious harvest, hot breezes and refreshing drinks. Quite unexpectedly, I hadn’t noticed how time flew by. These past months; this past year. It seems that since I came back from New Zealand, […]

Une souris verte qui courait dans l’herbe – Sablés escargots à la vanille et au thé vert

[A green mouse, running through the grass – Snail-like vanilla and green tea sablés] I assume you guessed from the lack of content around here that I’ve been somewhat busy. And well, you’re just damn right. I haven’t been cooking – or more accurately baking – much lately. I sure have been making myself lovely […]