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Category: biscuits and cookies

Best(est) side of homemade pâte feuilletée – Des presque palmiers crousti-caramélisés

palmierPâte feuilletée [puff pastry] is one of those things that people don’t make, ahem, very often. You might, which you should be blessed for; but so far, I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t rely on store-bought puff pastry. I guess this is okay for most of us; I have to admit that whenever I have a tart craving and no time to make puff pastry, I prefer to quickly put a simple pâte brisée together and get on with the filling comme si de rien était.

However, come over on a Sunday morning and you’re likely to find me making pâte feuilletée […]

Les sablés viennois au chocolat d’Aïda (et aussi un peu de Pierre Hermé)

[Aïda’s (but also, Pierre Hermé’s) chocolate sablés viennois] I would have preferred a guinea pig. Those were my first words when my mother told me she was pregnant. As an eight year-old single child, the anticipation of having a sister – or even worse, a brother – was a rather dreadful thought. However, as years […]

You make me merry, make me very very happy – Les florentins de mon arrière grand-mère

To me, nothing feels as comforting as the perfumes that always filled my great grandmother’s house. That slight musky scent from the thin layer of dust, which used to cover the bibelots that sat on the wooden shelves. Those green, almost lemongrass-like, notes – most certainly la verveine [verbena herbal-tea] she had before going to […]

Et j’ai rencontré une fille en forme de fée – Cookies au chocolat et aux maltesers

[I’ve met a fairy-like girl – Chocolate malted whooper drops] Sometimes, our lives get so busy that we forget about how beautiful it is to live; and we can’t even see the lovely things that surround us. Call it the side effect of our super-exciting way-of-life full of crazy experiments and adventures; I just think […]

Comme chez Pierre Hermé – Sablés aux olives noires

[Just like Pierre Hermé’s – Black olive shortbreads] Remember the day when I said I would write about my internship at Pierre Hermé’s pâtisserie on a weekly basis? Well, I seem to have forgotten that last part: weekly basis… I have to admit I’ve been doing really bad. Out of ten terrific weeks, I managed […]