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Category: bites of sweetness

Le vingt-et-un – Fudge au beurre de cacahuètes

[The twenty-first – Peanut butter fudge]

Le huit – Obsessions culinaires, winter edition

L’histoire sans fin – Comment glacer un mille-feuilles?

[The never-ending story – How to glaze a mille-feuilles?] Before I started getting serious with pâtisserie – more clearly, before I started waking up at three am and actually enjoy it – I must confess I felt quite confident with many things. From making pâte feuilletee to piping meringues; from assembling a series of entremets […]

Et si on faisait semblant d’être amoureux- Petits choux au chocolat au lait

[Wouldn’t it be nice if we pretended to be in love – Small milk chocolate choux puffs]

I checked on the daring bakers’ recipe quite late this month, thinking I would have to miss out on this one (yet again) given how tired I felt.

However, things turn out to be a little different. Far from what I expected them to be. As I opened the forum thread, I was thrilled by Meeta’s pick.

But I mean, who wouldn’t […]

Comme si tu m’aimais plus qu’un gâteau au chocolat – Choux croustimoelleux au fromage blanc et à la ciboulette

[Like you loved me more than chocolate cake – Fromage blanc and chives crispysoft choux buns] Believe it or not, but I’ve made pâte à choux twice in the past couple of days; and nope, no flat little choux buns were involved. This might not sound special; but trust me – if you’re unaware of […]