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Category: bites of sweetness

Like drinking poison, like eating glass – Délicieux caramels mous au beurre salé

Before I start blabbering about those beautiful caramels and also about one of the books I’ve recently read, let me stop you right away. I do not know a thing about Martha Stewart. Never seen her show. Never read her books. Never made a single of her recipes. The closest I’ve gotten to Martha is […]

Comme si toutes les gouttes de pluie avaient décidé de s’habiller en robe de mariée – Chamallows maison à la vanille

[As if raindrops decided to wear their wedding dresses – Homemade vanilla marshmallows] When it comes to food, I have that unhealthy obsession with categorising. Sure, there primarily is the good and the disaster; which you don’t hear very often about since I have a pretty lucky star looking upon me. But among the good, […]

Tu me manques – Calissons maison comme des vrais

calissons.jpgLet me tell you something guys. You are so sweet. I mean, I don’t post for a few days and instead of the hatred words I was expecting, all I get are sweet notes and emails. One of you even sent the comforting recipe for his favourite cookies – thank you Chris.

You – or more exactly some of you – are obviously concerned; and well, you’re just damn right. I first did not intend to share the following story with you; it just felt a little too personal. But since my closest friends know – and more importantly, since I consider you as friends; special friends that is, but friends nonetheless –, I thought I would let you know.

Recipe: Calissons

We represent the lollipop guild – Vanilla cheesecake lollipops

cheesecake-lollipop-large.jpg… and in the name of the lollipop guild, we welcome you to munchkinland daringbakersland.

It’s not a secret to anyone. I could kill for cheesecake. Great cheesecake, that is.
Quite evidently, I was thrilled when I found out about this month’s daring bakers challenge. Cheesecake. Lollipops.

Those are basically two of my favourite things ever. Combined. I mean, the branding for my name even features lollipops.
My warmest thanks go to Deborah and Elle for this great pick […]

Best(est) side of homemade pâte feuilletée – Des presque palmiers crousti-caramélisés

palmierPâte feuilletée [puff pastry] is one of those things that people don’t make, ahem, very often. You might, which you should be blessed for; but so far, I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t rely on store-bought puff pastry. I guess this is okay for most of us; I have to admit that whenever I have a tart craving and no time to make puff pastry, I prefer to quickly put a simple pâte brisée together and get on with the filling comme si de rien était.

However, come over on a Sunday morning and you’re likely to find me making pâte feuilletée […]