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Category: breads and yeast

Le huit – Obsessions culinaires, winter edition

She is the liquid princess – Brioches marbrées au thé matcha

[Matcha green tea marble brioches] With no rational reason except that those brioches looked terribly good, I decided to venture into the realm of feuilletage. Once again. Although, this time, my kitchen did not come with a rolling pin. I could have bought one on my recent visit to Pages. I almost did in fact. […]

Petit manuel de gestion du temps à l’usage des têtes-en-l’air qui oublient de fêter le quatrième anniversaire de leur blog

[Short time-management manual for people who tend to forget to wish their blog a happy fourth birthday] Today I have a little contextual-behaviour exercise for you. Nothing overly difficult, but you’ll definitely end up with a positive knowledge on human actions and needs-related brains-alteration mechanisms. So please, keep your pens and paper sheets on the […]

De battre mon coeur s’est arrêté – Croissants parfaits

[To beat, my heart stopped – Perfect croissants] The most paralysing feeling. This is what I felt as I woke up this morning. Just the thought of an empty day ahead of me was enough to make me feel numb. Wide awake and yet, unable to move. The time had stopped. For a day. Too […]

Something glorious is about to happen – Blueberry focaccia

blueberry focaccia Apparently, it’s been a month since I last told you about this beautiful blueberry focaccia. A month.

And no, I’m not going to ramble on how time flies; I’ve done that too much in the past already. Not that I don’t like to complain – you know I do; but well, I’m just too tired and unhappy.

Or at least I was too tired and unhappy until it all happened […]