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Category: breads and yeast

Et je te mangerais les cheveux – Tresse danoise à la crème pâtissière et aux pépites de chocolat

[And I would eat your hair – Chocolate chip and vanilla pastry cream danish braid]

When I found out about what Kelly and Ben wanted us to make for June’s daring bakers challenge, I was thrilled.

Danish braid.

Read, layers of sweet buttery dough enclosing whatever filling you can dream about. And shaped into a lovely-looking braid […]

Saturday c’est Hermé – Le tour: les kouign amanns

pierre-herme-kouign-amann.jpgYou see those cute little guys above. Don’t underestimate them.

Oh no, don’t.

Sure, they do look nice. So plump and golden, you could almost tell right away how crisp and brittle their beautifully thin crust is.
And they certainly do taste good as well. Imagine fragile layers of fine pastry made sticky with oodles of sucre semoule [caster sugar] and beurre doux [unsalted butter]. These are probably what your next dream will be built around, which I would understand […]

Help, I have done it again; I have been here many times before – Apple cider vinegar English muffins

english muffins I had high hope about 2008. See, a little more than a week ago, things couldn’t have been more perfect. Indeed, potatoes were finally to be celebrated through the immensely important international year of potato; which, needless to say, kept me in a state of ecstasy.
That, until my laptop crashed, leaving thousand of pictures and a miserable me behind. Days passed by and when I eventually felt brave enough to start eating again, I found them, sitting in a little basket. They sure had some shoots pointing through, but still looked quite perfect to me. The glorious potatoes […]

Réussir la focaccia, pas à pas – Mastering focaccia, step by step

focaccia By now, you guys should be aware that to me, Dan Lepard is to bread-making what Pierre Hermé is to pastry.

My icon and absolute role model.

I never really used to make bread, except for the occasional pizza dough; but since I’ve discovered Dan’s take on bread making I’ve literally been unstoppable. Fresh yeast has become a staple in my fridge and I’m known to run to the grocery store as soon as my flour stock approaches 2kg […]

Lundi. Des patates – Pain moelleux aux pommes de terre

potato-bread-31.jpg [Potatoes on Monday* – Tender potato bread]

Ever since those two weeks, which I restlessly spent mostly mixing flour, butter and yeast or shaping croissants and brioches, I’ve been a bread-making addict.
It seems to have that double-effect-factor. The act of making the dough come together in a nice smooth ball certainly is relaxing, but the greatest part is the facial expressions of both my parents and sister when they bite into a warm slice of freshly baked homemade bread. And trust me, this is just priceless, and makes you forget that a couple of hours before your hands were stuck in a sticky mess […]

Recipe: Potato bread