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Category: entremets

Yummy head to toe – L’Atelier Jean-Luc Pelé, la visite

Since I started my apprentissage at Nice best pâtisserie (and no, I’m not saying this just because it’s the place I’m spending the best year of my entire life at), I’ve been talking a lot about Pascal and the chef and the cool people I get to work with. Quite coincidentally, one of them seems […]

Pâtisserie Lac, part one – She who called herself ‘le maître des fraisiers’

Bliss is a feeling which can be difficult to genuinely grasp unless you’ve actually experienced it. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always seen myself as a happy girl. Always smiling, laughing and ready to face life with excitement.
However, I never really knew I could be happier. But now, after a month spent at Pascal Lac’s pâtisserie, I truly have the feeling I’ve found what makes my heart alive.

So far my apprentissage at Pâtisserie Lac has been the most life-altering experience I’ve ever had. This time, I’m not doing this just for school. I’m actually working days after days to become a pâtissier. Something I’ve been dreaming about for years – literally – but am now living.

No recipe, but a sweet story about fraisiers.

I’ve got a gnome in the backyard – Framboisier

Aside from my daily – and so very exciting – job that feels like holidays, except for the 3am wake up, I’ve had to make many cakes and entremets this month.

Basically, I didn’t spend a minute not making patisserie; well, bar the sleeping, and the driving – although, they both make pretty good times for inspirational brainstorming (just watch out for that tree and those damn tight bends).

So far four entremets have been made and eaten until the last crumb. Two chocolatey ones, and much to my happiness, two berryliciousnesses […]

Pascal Lac, son entremet fromage blanc et fruits rouges et un CAP pâtissier en apprentissage

[On Pascal Lac, his fromage blanc and berry entremet, and pastry apprenticeship]

A couple of weeks ago, I made it back home with the secret aim to find a place to be an apprentice at next year.
I got to spend a day in a dreamy laboratoire, being shown around by the young chef, decorating tarts and making beautiful loaf cakes; all with a view on the gorgeous black-walled chocolaterie room.

The next day I headed towards La Trinité, a small town, north of Nice, where the renown pâtisserie Lac has its laboratoire. The place is huge, probably ten times bigger – I mean, walk-in freezers! – that Pierre Hermé’s […]

So well, here it comes. I HAVE AN INTERNSHIP FOR NEXT YEAR!
And I’m damn happy.

A dévorer délicatement – Gelée agar intense au chocolat noir, sans sucre


Croissants aux amandes for breakfast. Rhubarb tart for lunch. Gianduja brioche for quatre-heures. Fruit cake for dinner.
This is probably what you think as my daily fare; and I won’t blame you. I mean, I bake cake, whip up entremets, assemble tarts, cut cookies out, proof bread doughs, make chocolate truffles, fill macarons, and put cupcakes together.

However, when it comes to my everyday life, I would most definitely choose a piece of warm crusty bread dipped in homemade guacamole, over a slice of the most decadent chocolate cake.

See, breakfast means for me: a cup of green tea with a dash of soy milk. Lunch is certainly composed of vegetables, eaten raw.