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Category: muffins and cakes in a cup

Le cinq – Comment glacer un cupcake?

[The five – How to frost a cupcake?]

Le quatre – Cupcakes au thé matcha

An everyday-kind of happiness – Spinach and cheddar muffins

There are things you can never ignore. At times, you wish you’d forgotten; crab hunting, kissing in the wind, eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, drinking beer by the bottle, killing flies, licking icy popsicles. Other times, you’re simply happy to remember; stepping into Pierre Hermé’s kitchen, signing my apprenticeship contract, taking a plane to […]

Comme des miettes d’étoiles filantes – Petits gâteaux aux cranberries

[Like shooting-star crumbs – Small cranberry cakes] Sometimes, things can’t wait. Not for a week, a day, an hour, a second, or even a minute. Things like… SNOW. In fact, ever since I spotted the first snowflakes almost five hours ago, I’ve seemed to have a canon 400D glued to my right hand. And damn, […]

SHF. And then we cupcaked. It was totally awesome. Part deux.

Alright guys. You know certainly have the right to throw cream pies at my face blog. I would understand. I mean, twelves days. Overdue. Blame my Pascal Lac for this. His pâtisserie has been keeping me busy and super happy and excited for the past two weeks. I’m enjoying every second I get to spend […]