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Category: muffins and cakes in a cup

SHF. And then we cupcaked. It was totally awesome. Part un.

It’s quite crazy how those past five days went by. I arrived home. Unpacked my (thousands of) bags. Baked a little. Filled in paperwork. Visited Pascal Lac to say hello and make sure he still wanted me to work for him. Answered an interview. Put some green tea recipe together for an online magazine. And […]

SHF, so horribly fluffy – S’more cupcakes

I came across S’mores quite late in life. A Michael Recchiuti book. A tiny note at the bottom of a page.


A piece of chocolate and a marshmallow, sandwiched together in crisp graham crackers. After a quick moment in the oven, the chocolate and marshmallow melt into each others, making for the most delicious sweet sandwich ever.

SHF, so highly frisky – Cupcakes à la noix de coco fraiche et à la ricotta

[Fresh coconut cupcakes with ricotta frosting]

It all started with the crazy cool idea of making my own coconut extract. Something I had been dreaming about for years without thinking I would actually one day get rid of the horrid fake-tasting stuff my cupboard is full of (I tend to stock it every time I visit Jane Asher’s shop because it tends to disappear quite quickly).

Now it’s done. Delicious coconut extract, which also happens to make delicious vodka shots […]

Cupcakes, le dernier chapitre: un évènement Sugar High Friday – Cupcakes, the final chapter: a Sugar High Friday event

If you’re anything like me, you probably think that cupcakes do deserve their disputable standing. I mean, just a quick look around you, and the only thing you’ll see are colourful, sprinkle-packed, prettily piped buttercream topping tasteless (or even worse, awful-tasting) cakes baked in cups.

So yes, that’s what you think.

However, if you’re anything like me, you might also have the inner feeling that you can change that. Make delicious cupcakes, baked with flair, sophistication and novelty […]

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Un petit papier et des muffins – Jamie Oliver’s butternut squash muffins with a frosty top

[On a small paper bit and muffins] I don’t know about you, but in my book, nothing’s worse than Monday mornings. Wait. There is: autumn Monday mornings. I mean, how would you expect me to be happy on a cold rainy morning, while we all know how I spent my weekend. It’s crazy how hard […]