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Category: breakfast

De battre mon coeur s’est arrêté – Croissants parfaits

[To beat, my heart stopped – Perfect croissants] The most paralysing feeling. This is what I felt as I woke up this morning. Just the thought of an empty day ahead of me was enough to make me feel numb. Wide awake and yet, unable to move. The time had stopped. For a day. Too […]

SHF, so highly frisky – Cupcakes à la noix de coco fraiche et à la ricotta

[Fresh coconut cupcakes with ricotta frosting]

It all started with the crazy cool idea of making my own coconut extract. Something I had been dreaming about for years without thinking I would actually one day get rid of the horrid fake-tasting stuff my cupboard is full of (I tend to stock it every time I visit Jane Asher’s shop because it tends to disappear quite quickly).

Now it’s done. Delicious coconut extract, which also happens to make delicious vodka shots […]

Something glorious is about to happen – Blueberry focaccia

blueberry focaccia Apparently, it’s been a month since I last told you about this beautiful blueberry focaccia. A month.

And no, I’m not going to ramble on how time flies; I’ve done that too much in the past already. Not that I don’t like to complain – you know I do; but well, I’m just too tired and unhappy.

Or at least I was too tired and unhappy until it all happened […]

Et je te mangerais les cheveux – Tresse danoise à la crème pâtissière et aux pépites de chocolat

[And I would eat your hair – Chocolate chip and vanilla pastry cream danish braid]

When I found out about what Kelly and Ben wanted us to make for June’s daring bakers challenge, I was thrilled.

Danish braid.

Read, layers of sweet buttery dough enclosing whatever filling you can dream about. And shaped into a lovely-looking braid […]

Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir, says the bitter orange – Sexiest marmalade

Sometimes seducing a guy is a very easy task: you think, you wink, you double blink – dans la poche [easy peasy]. And other times it just isn’t; no matter how hard a girl tries, nothing happens.Back in 1998, I remember this boy in my class whose hair definitely recalled Son Gohan’s (as a Super […]