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Category: foodbeam 101

Comme un lait fraise

As I mentionned yesterday, I will now be writing somewhere else. Not because I’m not in like with foodbeam anymore, but because it feels right. Just like the moment I share with the coolest kid on the planet this morning. Quite obviously, foodbeam will stay forever in my heart and on the internet. For now, […]

She fell in love with the seaside – A year has passed

This past year was a tumble. A dive that started – what felt like – a few seconds ago. Possibly with a busy sunday lunch at the restaurant, with only Guillaume and I doing service. And to be honest we had no clue about how this whole restaurant thing worked. I remember our first ice-cream […]

Le vingt-trois – Dans la cuisine

[The twenty-third – In the kitchen]

Le vingt-deux – Quand bûche de Noël rime avec FAIL

[The twenty-second – When Christmas log rhymes with FAIL]

Le vingt-et-un – Fudge au beurre de cacahuètes

[The twenty-first – Peanut butter fudge]