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Category: basics

Le douze – Une astuce pour foncer easy

[The twelfth – A trick for an easy tart-ring lining]

Le cinq – Comment glacer un cupcake?

[The five – How to frost a cupcake?]

L’histoire sans fin – Comment glacer un mille-feuilles?

[The never-ending story – How to glaze a mille-feuilles?] Before I started getting serious with pâtisserie – more clearly, before I started waking up at three am and actually enjoy it – I must confess I felt quite confident with many things. From making pâte feuilletee to piping meringues; from assembling a series of entremets […]

Tellement simple, mais terriblement bon – Le fondant au chocolat

[So easy, yet terribly good – The ultimate chocolate fondant cake]

Apparently, I told you I was going to come back with something glamourous. Pardon me if I’m mistaken, but in my world, a light cake topped with a delicate mousse feels glamourous.

A fondant au chocolat just doesn’t. It’s plain. It’s dark. And it’s damn good.

So good in fact, I had to write about it right away. Just a couple of hours after I hade made it, as a matter of fact.
If this doesn’t convince you to rush to your kitchen and make this fondant, please do listen carefully.

I made a cake. Took pictures. And blogged about it. In less than twenty-four hours […]

De battre mon coeur s’est arrêté – Croissants parfaits

[To beat, my heart stopped – Perfect croissants] The most paralysing feeling. This is what I felt as I woke up this morning. Just the thought of an empty day ahead of me was enough to make me feel numb. Wide awake and yet, unable to move. The time had stopped. For a day. Too […]