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Category: basics

Réussir le Christmas cake, pas à pas – Mastering Christmas cake, step by step

With every year that fades, comes Christmas cake. Boozy and dense. Covered with bright-white fondant. Light and citrusy. Packed with almonds, both whole and ground. Topped with glacé fruits.

This is how we love Christmas cake around here.

No, we’re not going insane. We just like how versatile it can be over the years. Never the same, yet not entirely different either.

This year, I’ve decided to combine our favourites from the past to create a unique and delicate cake. Most definitely number one of the Christmas cake hall of fame.
Picture plump and fragrant dried and glacé fruits, and whole almonds, held together in the shape of a cake thanks to a rich and moist batter.

Recipe: Christmas cake (step by step).

Et si on faisait semblant d’être amoureux- Petits choux au chocolat au lait

[Wouldn’t it be nice if we pretended to be in love – Small milk chocolate choux puffs]

I checked on the daring bakers’ recipe quite late this month, thinking I would have to miss out on this one (yet again) given how tired I felt.

However, things turn out to be a little different. Far from what I expected them to be. As I opened the forum thread, I was thrilled by Meeta’s pick.

But I mean, who wouldn’t […]

Comme si tu m’aimais plus qu’un gâteau au chocolat – Choux croustimoelleux au fromage blanc et à la ciboulette

[Like you loved me more than chocolate cake – Fromage blanc and chives crispysoft choux buns] Believe it or not, but I’ve made pâte à choux twice in the past couple of days; and nope, no flat little choux buns were involved. This might not sound special; but trust me – if you’re unaware of […]

Counting seconds… backwards – Crème caramel toute simple

[Simplest crème caramel] When I look back, I realise that most of my days were spent lightly, even jokingly, complaining about how I never have enough time to turn all my ideas into real projects, how I’m always lacking that precious extra second. All of a sudden, confronted with the unconfrontable, I didn’t have the […]

Réussir la pâte feuilletée, pas à pas – Mastering puff pastry, step by step

pate feuilletee - puff pastryIf you know how to use a rolling pin, then you know how to make pâte feuilletée. This could be the tagline of this pâte feuilletée 101 post.

For those of you who don’t know it yet, pâte feuilletée [literally, layered dough] – pat fe-yeah-teh – is the French for puff pastry, a fine and versatile pastry used in many pâtisseries and baked good: from mille-feuilles to flans. It consists in a basic dough, the détrempedeh-tramp – spread with a good share of beurre maniébear man-yeah –, then successively folded and rolled out […]