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Category: basics

Réussir la focaccia, pas à pas – Mastering focaccia, step by step

focaccia By now, you guys should be aware that to me, Dan Lepard is to bread-making what Pierre Hermé is to pastry.

My icon and absolute role model.

I never really used to make bread, except for the occasional pizza dough; but since I’ve discovered Dan’s take on bread making I’ve literally been unstoppable. Fresh yeast has become a staple in my fridge and I’m known to run to the grocery store as soon as my flour stock approaches 2kg […]

Mon pain quotidien – Simple white bread

bread [My daily bread – Simple white bread]

Call me arrogant, but I’ve never considered myself lucky to live in France. To my eyes, nothing could beat the UK. I called London home and Harvey Nicks was my temple.

However, as years passed by, I started to realise that I am in fact blessed to live in such a beautiful country. And I won’t lie to you, food played a huge role.
I just find it fantastic to be able to get gorgeous produce all year round, to know where it comes from and to chat with producers. Please, don’t get me started about the awesome pâtisseries out there; so inspiring […]

Réussir la pâte sucrée, pas à pas – Mastering pâte sucrée, step by step

I’m not sure I should tell you this, but there are many things I take for granted; at least in the pastry realm. Indeed, I tend to think that every single person on earth knows how to make a Forêt Noire from scratch or that Ispahans are referred to as easy-peasy. It seems I’m that […]