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Category: CAP pâtissier

L’histoire sans fin – Comment glacer un mille-feuilles?

[The never-ending story – How to glaze a mille-feuilles?] Before I started getting serious with pâtisserie – more clearly, before I started waking up at three am and actually enjoy it – I must confess I felt quite confident with many things. From making pâte feuilletee to piping meringues; from assembling a series of entremets […]

Petit manuel de gestion du temps à l’usage des têtes-en-l’air qui oublient de fêter le quatrième anniversaire de leur blog

[Short time-management manual for people who tend to forget to wish their blog a happy fourth birthday] Today I have a little contextual-behaviour exercise for you. Nothing overly difficult, but you’ll definitely end up with a positive knowledge on human actions and needs-related brains-alteration mechanisms. So please, keep your pens and paper sheets on the […]

Pâtisserie Lac, part four – She who let the summer enter the pâtisserie

There are probably a couple of things I should tell you before you go on with the reading of this post. One: don’t hate me. Two: as I’m writing this live from a lounge chair, wearing my very favourite Burberry bikini. Now, I know it’s not spring – let alone summer – yet, and the […]

Pâtisserie Lac, part three – She who got ready for her exam… by making a tarte bourdaloue

Do you remember that time when cream pies were being thrown at foodbeam? Well, this would be so very appropriate. Again. The thing is that, aside from the long overdue bûches de Noël manifesto and the launch of la moustache, I’ve made a promise to Tony. A promise about something very exciting. A taste of […]

Pâtisserie Lac, part two – She who disclosed her secret, and ate chocolate and nuts and dried fruits in the shape of a Christmas tree

I realise I said the next pâtisserie Lac update would be about how I almost took part to a pastry challenge. To make one long story short, I had made an interesting entremet hazelnut dacquoise, cream cheese mousse, pumpkin crème brulée, and roast-slash-confits pumpkin dices – in the aim to submit it to a panel of experienced pâtissiers. But, after a couple of month without hearing from the school, I was called and said I’d start the classes on the exact same week the challenge was hold; read, with less than twenty-four hours of notice.
Not the right time, but definitely the right entremet. That’s why I so intended to share it with you. Sadly, it got eaten quickly and I haven’t found the time to re-make it yet. Soon (as usual).

Christmas randomness and a pâtisserie sneak peek ahead!