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Category: pierre hermé

Encore un tout petit peu, et ce sera un autre jour – Tarte meringuée et gâteau de voyage au citron

[Just a bit longer and it will be another day – Lemon meringue tart and lemon cake] If at times, nature compels us to slow down, I must admit I was slightly surprised when I saw the first lemons on my parents’ tree. Lemons in september feels like eating strawberries around Christmas time for me. […]

Le concorde, un entremet tout chocolat – Aller simple pour Londres

[Concorde, an all-chocolate entremet – A one-way ticket to London] Strangely enough, the past couple of days have – unlike the thousands that came before – felt soothing. Almost like a slow motion picture. In fact, this has sort of become a common fact. Every day spent in Entrevaux – a small village surrounded by […]

Et si on faisait semblant d’être amoureux- Petits choux au chocolat au lait

[Wouldn’t it be nice if we pretended to be in love – Small milk chocolate choux puffs]

I checked on the daring bakers’ recipe quite late this month, thinking I would have to miss out on this one (yet again) given how tired I felt.

However, things turn out to be a little different. Far from what I expected them to be. As I opened the forum thread, I was thrilled by Meeta’s pick.

But I mean, who wouldn’t […]

Saturday c’est Hermé – Le tour: les kouign amanns

pierre-herme-kouign-amann.jpgYou see those cute little guys above. Don’t underestimate them.

Oh no, don’t.

Sure, they do look nice. So plump and golden, you could almost tell right away how crisp and brittle their beautifully thin crust is.
And they certainly do taste good as well. Imagine fragile layers of fine pastry made sticky with oodles of sucre semoule [caster sugar] and beurre doux [unsalted butter]. These are probably what your next dream will be built around, which I would understand […]

Les sablés viennois au chocolat d’Aïda (et aussi un peu de Pierre Hermé)

[Aïda’s (but also, Pierre Hermé’s) chocolate sablés viennois] I would have preferred a guinea pig. Those were my first words when my mother told me she was pregnant. As an eight year-old single child, the anticipation of having a sister – or even worse, a brother – was a rather dreadful thought. However, as years […]