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Category: pierre hermé

Une maison Christmas-like, un peu comme si Pierre Hermé était le père Noël – Bûche Plaisirs Sucrés

[A Christmas-like house, a bit like if Pierre Hermé was Santa Claus – Plaisirs Sucrés Christmas log] That time of the year – yes, the one that brings peace and happiness has come around again. And while Christmas and all its festiveness is already behind us, I can’t help but share with you the lovely […]

La pluie elle aime ça – Billes de noix de coco

[She likes rain – Coconut balls] It’s November 2. I’m behind the window, watching the rain that pours on my grandparents beautiful garden. Every drop that reaches the earth, bounces on the perfectly-red leaves, making a loud noise. Rain makes me happy. I know I could be playing outdoor, but right now, nothing feels as […]

Comme chez Pierre Hermé – Sablés aux olives noires

[Just like Pierre Hermé’s – Black olive shortbreads] Remember the day when I said I would write about my internship at Pierre Hermé’s pâtisserie on a weekly basis? Well, I seem to have forgotten that last part: weekly basis… I have to admit I’ve been doing really bad. Out of ten terrific weeks, I managed […]

Fanny, ta tarte au citron meringuée est sublime, s’exclama Aïda – Meilleure tarte au citron meringuée du monde entier

[Fanny, your lemon meringue tart is sublime, Aïda said – Best lemon meringue tart in the entire world] No need to be from France to know that, here, people rave about la tarte au citron meringuée. A sweet and crisp crust covered with the most luscious and so pleasantly tangy lemon cream, which is topped […]

Réussir la pâte sucrée, pas à pas – Mastering pâte sucrée, step by step

I’m not sure I should tell you this, but there are many things I take for granted; at least in the pastry realm. Indeed, I tend to think that every single person on earth knows how to make a Forêt Noire from scratch or that Ispahans are referred to as easy-peasy. It seems I’m that […]