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Category: handmade cuteness

Le neuf – Des cookies au chocolat et aux pretzels dans un pot

[The ninth – Chocolate and pretzels cookies in a jar]

Moustache me happy

I know I probably didn’t make much sense the last time we chatted – or well, I posted – , but there is one thing you guys got. The bûches de Noël manifesto. And yes, it hasn’t come yet. I’ve been way to busy with – actually – making the bûches and other entremets. But […]

Photography and projects portfolio

portfolio As crazy as it may sound, I did check something off my to-do list. Last night. At 4am.

I now have an online portfolio to display some of my pictures and crafty projects. Please do check it, you’ll make me super*happy.

ps. I know it’s cheaply coded in dirty html, but damn, it was 4am! […]

No recipe, but you’ll find my terrific portfolio here. xx

One day, one thing, one happy me

Hello my friends. Today, I won’t be talking about food – or just very slightly. I’m here to tell you about a new project of mine, which I already love. The project is called onecube. From today and for as long as I can, I’ll be creating something new everyday – whether it is a […]

A memoir of six eggs

This is the kind of tales that you never thought you’d hear. Six eggs, after backpacking all over the US, decided they would cross the Altantic ocean to visit France. Epic. Was the journey. They asked me to tell you guys – Jen (love you girl), Hélène and Hannah, Anita, Peabody, Ivonne, Lisa and Mary […]