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Category: handmade cuteness

La science des rêves – Petits gâteaux comme des nuages à la farine semi-complète et à la banane

[The science of sleep – Cloud-like banana whole-wheat cakes] Michel and his terrific movies. Bruno and his delicious goat cheese. Gaspard and his pretty face. Pierre and his outstanding pâtisseries. These are some of the not so many things that make me realise I’m not that damned to be French. Le Neuf definitely isn’t one […]

Et j’ai rencontré une fille en forme de fée – Cookies au chocolat et aux maltesers

[I’ve met a fairy-like girl – Chocolate malted whooper drops] Sometimes, our lives get so busy that we forget about how beautiful it is to live; and we can’t even see the lovely things that surround us. Call it the side effect of our super-exciting way-of-life full of crazy experiments and adventures; I just think […]

Teeny-weeny tarte aux fraises

[Teeny-weeny strawberry tart] As if baking and making pastries wasn’t enough, I just discovered myself a new addiction – polymer clay. Now, instead of waiting for the baked-goods to come out of the oven doing nothing, I take out my small box full of pâte fimo and start making more pastries. Fake ones, this time! […]