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Category: my daily life

Le sept – Un voyage dans le temps avec les annual awards of excellence

[The seventh – Time travel with the annual awards of excellence]

Le six – Trois petites choses et une tarte tatin au kaki

[The six – Three little things and a persimmon tatin tart]

Encore un tout petit peu, et ce sera un autre jour – Tarte meringuée et gâteau de voyage au citron

[Just a bit longer and it will be another day – Lemon meringue tart and lemon cake] If at times, nature compels us to slow down, I must admit I was slightly surprised when I saw the first lemons on my parents’ tree. Lemons in september feels like eating strawberries around Christmas time for me. […]

Always and forever more – An attempt at riz-au-lait ice-cream

Today, I could tell you a long story. From the day I ate riz-au-lait for the first time in years, to the moment I thought it could make a pretty good ice-cream. From the point I actually boiled some viallone nano rice in full-fat milk with a plump bean of vanilla, to the time I […]

We’d share each other like an island – Homemade vanilla extract, day one

I hope I’m not wrong when I think that we all have this embarassing story. Two people. You and me. A few drinks at the pub. A late night pizza eaten with our fingers, and a side made of beer – preferably still in its ice-cold bottle. And then, the drama happens, no more booze […]