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Category: entrées

L’espace d’un moment – A party

One prune tart please!, calls the voice through the interphone. Run to the downstairs kitchen. Tell Elliot – the pastry commis – to put a prune tart into the oven. Grab a large rectangle plate. Pipe a thin line of wine reduction. Drain a prune marinated in spiced wine. Place it on the plate. Take […]

Kaa, c’est moi – Artichauts confits au citron et à l’ail

[I’m Kaa – Braised artichokes with lemon and garlic] Trust in me, just in me Shut your eyes and trust in me You can sleep safe and sound Knowing I am around Slip into silent slumber Sail on a silver mist Slowly and surely your senses Will cease to resist Trust in me, just in […]

F is for… Fleur de Courgette

When something is available for only few months you should rush for it; especially if it’s fleur de courgette. Fleurs de courgette, or courgette flowers are associated with provençal cooking in my mind because I don’t know other ways to cook them that the way old grand-mères niçoises do. But they’re also linked with a […]

Une soupe couleur rubis – Gazpacho Andaluz

[A ruby-red soup – Gazpacho Andaluz] From Neil Perry’s The food I love (page 94) It seems i am into colours at the moment. Pink, bleu-blanc-rouge, orange, green… I reckon it might be because of the summer; I don’t know about you, but when in summer i agree eating is only brightly coloured food. This […]